Constellation Spirits Inc.

Constellation Spirits Inc. was established in 1879 under the name Том Moore, as in 1944 it was renamed to Barton Distilling Company under which name it has been producing the top quality spirits for more than 120 years.

Constellation Spirits Inc. is one of the key producers, importers and exporters of spirits in the United States of America. The exceptionally high quality and rich diversity of spirits produced also in the distilleries in Kentucky, Georgia and California (USA) as well in Alberta and Quebec (Canada) have gained a 4th position for Constellation Spirits Inc. by production of spirits.

Constellation Spirits Inc. is the second biggest vodka producer in USA by annual sales of more than 3.5 million master boxes and one of the biggest Canadian whisky suppliers by sales of more than 2 million master boxes annually.

Some of their more popular reserved brands are: Black Velvet Canadian whisky, Barton Vodka & Gin, Kentucky Gentleman Bourbon whisky, Amaretto di Amore, Sambuca di Amore and many others.

Known on the Bulgarian market as a traditional importer of high quality spirits produced by world famous producers, SOFTRADE is an exclusive representative of Constellation Spirits Inc., holding rights to represent and import the full range of their products in Bulgaria.

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